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Peggy's Horse Blankets

Blankets Cleaning

Why should you clean your blankets?
The ammonias found in urine and manure act like acid on fabric, greatly reduce the strength and life of your horse blankets. Having your blankets cleaned regularly will help them last longer, saving you cost of new blankets. Clean blankets also help prevent skin problems for your horse.

Why should you choose us?
We are professionals who use the best techniques and washers to make your blankets and other items look just like new! We use strong commercial machines with the ability to rinse and extract all the dirt, stains, fungus, and manure that regular washing machines are incapable of.

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Blankets Repairing

Before Peggy's Horse Blankets After Peggy's Horse Blankets

Our experienced tailors are dedicated to restoring your horse blankets to their best conditions. If any repair costs more than $20, the owner will be contacted before work is done.

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